Joyous Joy 2: volunteering opportunity

Learning Ally logo
Learning Ally’s services help many blind and dyslexic people “read” books

I’ve made it into queue to participate in a 6-week volunteer program at Learning Ally to record books for the blind! I’ve always wanted to do this, so cross your fingers that I get in (and get to read something interesting!).

UPDATE: I had the pleasure of completing this program – thanks to New York Cares! I worked one-on-one with other volunteers in sound booths to record books. Through reading, I learned about wealth, women warriors from ancient times, the psychology of dysfunctional families and ways teachers can deal with misbehaving students in the classroom. It was really interesting material.

If you’re interested in particpating in programs like this, join New York Cares.


Joyous Joy 1: A bunch of my favorite girls are coming to NYC for a weekend in May!

My friends and me

Crammed in an elevator during our last girls trip in Charlotte!

I am so lucky to have such great women in my life and even luckier that all seven of us were able to coordinate a girls weekend in May! There is a lot to be celebrated while everyone is together – Liz’s 30th birthday, my 31st birthday and spending all of the quality time we can with Talya before she moves!

Candace, Steph, Elise, Kelli and Liz – I can’t wait to see you ladies!!!