Joyous Joy 11: Appreciating Change

48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller

48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller

During my career transition, I’ve been reading a book called 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. There are questions at the end of each chapter designed for the reader to reflect on its messages.

I knew that putting my thoughts on paper would help me get the most of the book – and it has. Last night, before I got started on Chapter 7, I decided to review my notes thus far. I came across an entry that really impressed me. I love impressing myself, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

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Joyous Joy 10: Being Stunned and Impressed with a Restaurant

Egyptian dips

Here are various yummy dips from a mezze platter

For my birthday, two of my amazing friends took me to an Egyptian restaurant that I can only describe as stunning. This was by far, hands down, absolutely the coolest restaurant experience I’ve ever had!

Beef kabob and rice

Beef kabobs served with rice is delicious

Kebab Cafe, in Astoria, Queens, is an anomaly. The tiny restaurant is filled with an eclectic mix of photos, paintings and collectibles from Egypt. Among these are posters which celebrate the long awaited freedom the Egyptians recently won!

Intentionally not having a menu, the owner, Ali, begins asking what type of meat you would like (or vegetarian). Then, in his thick Egyptian accent, tells you about all of the dishes he can whip up before your very eyes. I say before your very eyes, because the wide-open kitchen is right next to the total of 5 tables. Continue reading

Joyous Joy 9: What’s been missing in my life? Oh yeah…art!

Creativity is an inherent quality of mine. Working for 9 years at Kaman’s Art Shoppes solidified my love and appreciation of artistic expression and the artists who create it.

Baang and Burne ContemporaryTypical of my life, I randomly met a woman in a bathroom in NYC who owns an art gallery called BAANG + BURNE CONTEMPORARY. Her name is Kesha Bruce and she wonderful. She is full of energy and enthusiasm for the art world. She has asked me to help her and her partner Charlie Grosso with public relations services for this amazing 6-week art show here in NYC called 6×6!

Baang and Burne Contemporary's 6x6 art show

Click here to watch a YouTube video about 6×6

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Joyous Joy 8: City Winery +Justin Nozuka = ahhhhhhh

City Winery is one of my very favorite concert venues here in NYC. It is a pretty big space, but it is very cozy. Among their vast wine selection, they have many great wines they make onsite. Their food is delicious and most importantly I’ve seen some incredible musicians roll through there.


This is a great photo of Justin – I think it captures his beauty

Last night Talya and I saw our last show there before she moves to Boston. We’ve seen so many talented musicians perform there, and seeing Justin Nozuka for our last show before she moves, was simply amazing

Justin is a musical prodigy. He began writng his music at 15 years old. He’s now 22 and has been touring the world for the past few years. He has an old, wise and beautiful soul. You can hear it through every note… Check him out some of his music – I know he’ll be super famous someday:

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Joyous Joy 7: Following My Instincts

Being the resourceful woman that I am, I sought out a mentor through the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) New Professional Group (wow that is a tongue-twister!). I don’t think I could have been matched with a better person, Ken Jacobs. We just had a really great discussion about following gut reactions.

Ken Jacobs

Ken Jacobs is the best mentor in the whole wide world!

I’ve been given an internship opportunity with quite a few red flags, one being that the guy hit on me three times in the interview! I tried to convince myself that the pitching work I’d be doing would be amazing experience, but I kept coming back to an uneasy feeling.

When I started telling Ken about the internship, he immediately pointed out his concerns and suggested that I get out of it ASAP. Once I told him about being hit on during the interview, he threw up his hands and really became passionate about his advice! I am making the call now to nip this in the bud. Thanks, Ken!
Following your gut is quite possibly the best compass to life success.

Gaining wisdom from Ken is easy: follow his blog: or follow him on Twitter: @kensviews

Joyous Joy 5: Walking the Walk

Walk sign

Never stop walking!

I ran into a little, old woman that lives in my building who I absolutely love. I asked her what the best part of her day was.

She answered, “Walking. Honey, at 83 every single day that I can still walk is great.”

What a great attitude about something that so much of us take for granted. I hope I am still walking easily at 83 years old, and I am sure you do as well.