Joyous Joy 8: City Winery +Justin Nozuka = ahhhhhhh

City Winery is one of my very favorite concert venues here in NYC. It is a pretty big space, but it is very cozy. Among their vast wine selection, they have many great wines they make onsite. Their food is delicious and most importantly I’ve seen some incredible musicians roll through there.


This is a great photo of Justin – I think it captures his beauty

Last night Talya and I saw our last show there before she moves to Boston. We’ve seen so many talented musicians perform there, and seeing Justin Nozuka for our last show before she moves, was simply amazing

Justin is a musical prodigy. He began writng his music at 15 years old. He’s now 22 and has been touring the world for the past few years. He has an old, wise and beautiful soul. You can hear it through every note… Check him out some of his music – I know he’ll be super famous someday:

Save Him
Oh Mama (my very favorite)

p.s. for those New Yorkers who have never been to City Winery on Vandam and Varick in Manhattan, you have to go.


One thought on “Joyous Joy 8: City Winery +Justin Nozuka = ahhhhhhh

  1. Thanks for the rec on Justin! Never heard of him but he’s great. Sad I never made it to City Winery before I moved…perhaps next visit…

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