Joyous Joy 9: What’s been missing in my life? Oh yeah…art!

Creativity is an inherent quality of mine. Working for 9 years at Kaman’s Art Shoppes solidified my love and appreciation of artistic expression and the artists who create it.

Baang and Burne ContemporaryTypical of my life, I randomly met a woman in a bathroom in NYC who owns an art gallery called BAANG + BURNE CONTEMPORARY. Her name is Kesha Bruce and she wonderful. She is full of energy and enthusiasm for the art world. She has asked me to help her and her partner Charlie Grosso with public relations services for this amazing 6-week art show here in NYC called 6×6!

Baang and Burne Contemporary's 6x6 art show

Click here to watch a YouTube video about 6×6

We just had a video chat via Skype and I’ve officially confirmed that A: she is amazingly funny, and B: this gig is right up my alley. I will be helping to publicize the event and also work it come fall – September 8 – October 18.

I am ecstatic for this opportunity to awaken my long since stifled creative nature!


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