Joyous Joy 17: Who’s That Monkey Jumping on the Bed?

I have vivid memories of jumping on my Grandma’s bed as a child, with a banana in my hand, scratching my head and exclaiming OoOoAhAh! I was certain I could pass as a monkey.

A monkey with a huge smile on its face

“who’s my little monkey?” – Grandma Forster

My ear-to-ear grin is hard to miss while I’m intently watching every move monkeys make at the zoo. They fascinate and amuse me with their playful antics. I am then disheartened when I remember that these interactions are separated by glass. I truly understand the importance of zoos – I know that I want to learn about the wonderful creatures with which we share the Earth. However, I’ve always dreamt of seeing them in person – in the jungle, swinging from vines and beating their chests with a loud HooHoo!

Well that opportunity is finally here.I’ve recently accepted an intern position at the Nosara Bed & Breakfast in Costa Rica! I am charged with marketing a one-week retreat for dancers of a practice named Nia.

Drawing from disciplines of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, Nia is an incredible way of connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I’ve been taking Nia classes for the last 3 years and always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and joyful. As payment for my services I am attending the retreat for free!

A treehouse

My living quarters!

Choosing this location for the retreat makes perfect sense. How can one not feel inspired and healed in a tranquil paradise full of waterfalls, lush jungles and serene beaches? I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and am counting down the days to my trip in March.

I might just keep a bunch of bananas in my room for old time’s sake.


3 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 17: Who’s That Monkey Jumping on the Bed?

  1. OMG I remember the monkey jump w/ bananas!!! Sooo funny 🙂

    And a huge congrats to you for landing a gig to take you to Costa Rica!

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