Joyous Joy 21: A Closer Look at the Tisk-Tasks

To Do List

Check those items off of your list!

We’ve all been faced with tasks that are less than appealing. Tasks like cleaning out the garage or raking leaves. These types of tasks are looming for legitimate reasons.

Cleaning out the garage will inevitably be a task that involves the need to part with things like that pair of roller blades you haven’t used in 5 years, and worse, be faced with reminders of the laundry list of other projects you’ve never gotten around to. The benefits are of course that you’ll finally know where to find that tool you’ve been looking for and have a more spacious parking spot! Continue reading


Joyous Joy 20: Ladies & Gentlemen…It’s Time for the Kind of Comment I’ve Been Waiting For…


And the award goes to….Gerald!

Before my date with The Sandman last night, I gave into my Crackberry addiction and checked my email just one more time. I am so glad I did, because my greatest joy of the day was waiting for me. I received the type of comment I’ve been hoping and waiting for since the birth of this blog.

The comment came from my friend Gerald, who I met this summer while promoting a play at the TKTS line. I remember the first time I asked him what the best part of his day was. His response was like many others’, “Eh, I don’t know…not a whole lot of good things have happened today.” I prodded him with my typical questions like, “Did you get a good night’s sleep?”, “Did you treat yourself to a coffee this morning?”, “Do you have any plans tonight that you’re looking forward to?” I watched him stop and contemplate my questions. I can’t remember what he came up with, but whenever I saw him after that, he had a laundry list of joys waiting for me.

Here is his comment: Continue reading

Joyous Joy 19: I am Officially Famous!

Not really, but I do feel pretty cool that I’ve created a video to share the purpose and mission of this blog with my friends, family and other potential followers.

Inside Communications with Kate Forster for Joyous Joys from Media Training Worldwide on Vimeo.

You can also read the official press release about it at PRLog!

Thanks to Mike Bako, Kate Fowler and Erica Serio for making this all happen!

Joyous Joy 18: Where’s the Beef?

Big Juicy Steak

Big Juicy Steak

Where is it? I am not talking about red meat. I am talking about grudges. Over the years I’ve had some serious beef with a variety of people – from family and friends to bosses and even the super cranky cashier at my grocery store (who’s line I seriously refuse to go through).

Grudges are inevitable. They are like a cake layered with hurt, frustration, resentfulness and sometimes even anger. They are complicated, as the situations that create them often are.

When I moved to NYC nearly 5 years ago I knew the key to my happiness and success was to surround myself with people, places and situations that bring out the best in me. Continue reading