Joyous Joy 20: Ladies & Gentlemen…It’s Time for the Kind of Comment I’ve Been Waiting For…


And the award goes to….Gerald!

Before my date with The Sandman last night, I gave into my Crackberry addiction and checked my email just one more time. I am so glad I did, because my greatest joy of the day was waiting for me. I received the type of comment I’ve been hoping and waiting for since the birth of this blog.

The comment came from my friend Gerald, who I met this summer while promoting a play at the TKTS line. I remember the first time I asked him what the best part of his day was. His response was like many others’, “Eh, I don’t know…not a whole lot of good things have happened today.” I prodded him with my typical questions like, “Did you get a good night’s sleep?”, “Did you treat yourself to a coffee this morning?”, “Do you have any plans tonight that you’re looking forward to?” I watched him stop and contemplate my questions. I can’t remember what he came up with, but whenever I saw him after that, he had a laundry list of joys waiting for me.

Here is his comment: I feel the need to recap some Joyous Joys over the past couple of days:

1. The other day I was telling an adorable older lady on the TKTS line to go to the Play Express cue, and I also paid her a sincere compliment — I told her she looked liked Debbie Reynolds. After walking her and her husband over to the Play Express cue, she planted the biggest wet kiss on my cheek. Sometimes a simple compliment can mean a whole lot to someone!

2. Oh, and today, I went to the Annual Barney’s Warehouse Sale to redeem a gift card. It seemed like even at slashed prices, I still couldn’t afford a darn thing. So instead of going the predictable route and buying the least expensive sport coat and paying the difference, I bought as many fancy schmancy undergarments from Switzerland and ties as I could. Shopping smart is always a joyous joy!

3. One more, it was raining horribly today and wasn’t in the best of moods. It didn’t help that the N train wasn’t running Manhattan bound, and having to go in the opposite direction only to transfer to another train is one of my biggest pet peeves. So instead of sucking it up and dealing, I decided to help an elderly lady carry her grocery cart down two flights of stairs. It was both a good deed that cancelled out my bad mood and killed enough time for me to use my Metrocard at an R train station. The train arrived as soon as I got to the platform. The karma came back to me right away.

Thanks for helping me recognize these joys! Keep em’ coming!

How can this not be one of my greatest joys?! Helping someone else focus on positive things in their life is so gratifying. Thanks, Gerald for being my greatest joy of yesterday!

xoxo Kate


4 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 20: Ladies & Gentlemen…It’s Time for the Kind of Comment I’ve Been Waiting For…

  1. you should do a joy on WATER! seriously, the fact that the hurricane might leave us with none in a few days, the fact that we can typically take a clean, fresh shower whenever we want to is amazing!

  2. Wow! I don’t think I ever had a blog entry written exclusively about me. This is the mother of Joyous Joys. Thanks so much Kate!

  3. And thank for the virtual trophy! Haven’t gotten one of those since I played soccer in the 10th grade, and the whole team got them for being like 3rd place in a tournament lol. I feel quite special ha.

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