Joyous Joy 22: Noticing Rising Stars

A StarDuring my career transition, I’ve hit plenty of highs and lows.

Some days I feel like I’ve got the biggest, badest bull by the horns and am steering him straight in the direction of the greenest pasture I can see. He fights me at first, but once we see the green grass and serene lake in the distance, he’s a happy little camper who remembers how wonderful pastures are and happily moves along.

Other times, I feel a bit lost and defeated. How can I not feel a tad let down when I hear radio silence after submitting my resume for a position I know I would rock out like nobody’s business? Then there are of course opportunities that come my way that are simply mirages. They are alluring and seem like such a good fit, but upon closer examination are not at all suited for me and my goals.

Then there are moments of renewed hope. Although my unfaltering faith in myself assures me that I will eventually reach the apex of success; although my family and friends have been cheering me on along the way; there is something inspiring about a professional contact having the same conviction for my capabilities and character.

A few months ago, I met a man named Henry Feintuch at a PRSA event. I was there to hear Richard Laermer speak about bad PR pitching to journalists. After the presentation, I was waiting (somewhat) patiently to catch Richard so I could ask him some questions while walking out. While waiting, Henry and I struck up a conversation. We were talking about the industry and my job hunting goals. I remember thinking he was sharp, but cut the conversation short once Richard’s attention could be mine.

A few weeks later Henry and I reconnected when I asked him to be a guest on my show. This was the beginning of a truly wonderful professional relationship. We’ve since met to discuss my career goals and review my resume. His insight was well received and suggestions have been put into practice. Recently Henry reached out to some of his contacts to help me secure meetings and shared this email with me.

This email, sent to a PR recruiter, made me stop, smile and exclaim, “now THIS…this is a true joy!”

Hi Lauren,

Kate is a rising star. I met her months ago at a PRSA function and we’ve interacted several times since. She’s trying to focus her PR career now into luxury travel; food; wine and spirits; and event planning and needs a break.

Know anyone looking for a special staffer?  I wish we were in the areas she’s hunting for….  Can you meet her to offer advice?


Thank you, Henry! You made my day and I am still smiling about it!


4 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 22: Noticing Rising Stars

  1. Blog post readers: You’re all now named “Lauren!” Who know a PR firm or client that needs some bright, professional talent waiting to burst forth? Let’s help Kate find a job so we can get more frequent “Joyous Joys” tales — this time from the workplace!

  2. Hey, I’m about to experience a career transition too, voluntarily changing my work life so I can have more flexibility to travel with my husband. I’m looking for portable/flexible ways to generate income, like blogging for pay, or other online writing possibilities. Just wanted you to know there are plenty of people in transition, and I’m right there with you! Here’s hoping your are flooded with offers!

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog, and prompting me to check out yours! Your blog is exactly the type of thing I like, looking at the bright side of life, celebrating the good stuff, finding the joy in the ordinary. Thank you for sharing, and I’ll be back to check out your joyous joys!


    • Hi Sheila – thanks so much for your comment! And, thanks for the reminder that others are out there transitioning too – it’s always great to feel like you aren’t alone 🙂 I’ll be visiting your blog again too!

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