Joyous Joy 29: I heart Oprah

I wonder what her life ambitions were at this point?

Oprah is an amazing woman in my eyes. So much that I actually planned my class schedule around her show during my college years (and General Hospital).

No joke.

Each day, I would rush home from class to cook up some college version of a meal (usually Ramen Noodles) and settle on my couch with my roommate (who also shared my scheduling tactics) ready to see the day’s shows.

General Hospital came on first. It was a non-stop banter of, “Oh my God – can you believe that Brenda got kidnapped AGAIN?! When will she learn that Sonny is bad news?! Jax is way hotter! I hope she ends up with him!”

Next up, Oprah. No matter what the topic was for the day, we were always inspired and usually both ended the show in tears. The box of Kleenex on our coffee table seemed to be replaced more often than toilet paper!

Then I graduated college – got a big girl job, and only watched Oprah while home sick. I was often still inspired and crying by the end. How does that woman do it? The world is simply a better place with her in it.

In recent years, I haven’t thought much about Oprah, although I do applaud her decision to start a new life chapter by retiring her show. Everyone needs to reinvent themselves once in a while.

Tonight in my yoga class, my teacher Barb shared a little gem of wisdom she recently read in Oprah’s memoir. Referring to gratitude, Oprah said that it is when we are least thankful that we need it most. Barb elaborated by saying that we are most vulnerable when we are unthankful, and gratitude is a powerful antidote to vulnerability.

Who likes feeling vulnerable? Who doesn’t enjoy feeling happy and healthy? This is just another reason to focus your mental energy on the things for which you are grateful.

My gratitudes for the day:

  1. I made it to yoga! It’s been awhile and I did a great job – not one correction from my teacher!
  2. I finally made a salad I’ve been dying to try – greens, avocado, grapefruit and shrimp. Sad to say that I don’t recommend it – but, hey I can cross it off of my list!
  3. My friend Ally called me to reminisce about an impromptu midnight dance party we started in the parking lot of Bed Bath & Beyond when “I Would Walk 500 Miles” came on the radio!

Any gratitudes you’d like to share?


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