Joyous Joy 32: Unconventional Traditions

As many of you know, I went to Boston over the weekend for my 2nd Annual Moked Family “Lobster Thanksgiving”!

You might be saying, “Lobster?! Who in the heck has Lobster on Thanksgiving?” I admit that the thought of eating a sea creature for “Turkey Day” was a little strange, but I love the unconventional! The best part? The festivities are kicked off with a live-lobster photo shoot!

Seriously…the claw was as big as my head!

It’s obvious that the Moked’s don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional way – or do they?

Growing up as your average American white girl, our dinner table looked exactly like a holiday magazine, filled with each and every delicious staple: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and the list goes on. My Mom is a master chef when it comes to putting this meal together, and I am always thankful for her hard work.

All the fixins!

Before my trip to Beantown, my Mom and I were talking about all of the food I’d be missing this year. Truthfully, it did make me pretty sad – I LOVE the traditional meal and without it, it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving. My fingers are crossed that she froze some stuffing for Christmas Eve dinner…it would be a gift all its own.

She then said how strange she thought it was that women she knew were making Mac ‘n Cheese for their family feasts. Before my Lobster Thanksgivings I would have totally agreed. Instead I replied that I thought it was more about what “they” think belongs on their table. As usual, my curiosity was piqued and I just had to know exactly just how conventional my friends’ Thanksgiving spreads were this year?

My research mainly of this text message: “what was the most unconventional item on your Thanksgiving table this year?” Here were the replies:

Looks like families with ethnic roots are keeping their Thanksgiving tables filled with foods that celebrate both American and family traditions.

How joyous is that? I think it is really cool to keep traditions alive and kicking – especially when it comes to food!

So now I ask you – what was the most unconventional item on your Thanksgiving table this year?  


2 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 32: Unconventional Traditions

  1. Hey Kate!! it works!
    We always have Spanakopita which are little Greek spinach pies. My friend Helen makes them for us and it is an item we all covet! I have to have enough of them or we fight over them. 🙂
    Next time we see you I will bake a few for you.

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