Joyous Joy 33: Interviewing a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Accomplished, Quick Witted & Brilliant – That is Bruce. Oh, and he is an Ohioan, so he gets extra cool points.

It’s not everyday that someone wins a Lifetime Achievement Award, and it’s not everyday that I get to interview one.

I recently covered the CLIO Healthcare Awards with my colleague, Kate Fowler, at The Paris Theater in NYC. Kate is the one responsible for this post! She harped on me to write it all of Tuesday! I refused for the first 7 ½ hours, because I hate my voice and because of my extreme excitement, I sound a bit giddy! Okay, a lot giddy.This awards ceremony honors healthcare advertising, design and communications. After leaving the healthcare communications field earlier this year, I never thought I’d miss it. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I miss it…but I felt a bit nostalgic and pretty darn cool because I understood all of the industry jargon.

At the after party, I had the privilege of interviewing the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Bruce Rooke, Chief Creative Officer at GSW Worldwide for my show, Inside Communications. His speech was witty, sarcastic and chock full of wisdom and inspiration. Interviewing him was a great honor, and I hope you take the 3 mins & 49 secs to check it out. Even if you don’t work in the healthcare field, I think you’ll appreciate his message.

Click here to check out the interview – Enjoy!

p.s. Thanks Kate for doing such a great job with the editing! And…for placating my request to use your headphones so I didn’t have to hear myself!


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