Joyous Joy 34: Lemonade Recipe

Do you have a secret lemonade concoction?

I’ve officially heard the best “making lemonade out of lemons” theory ever.

While out to dinner with a good friend, we began talking about his trip to visit his family over Thanksgiving. As he began telling me about the great time he had, he whipped out his iPhone and started showing me photos of his Mom and her beloved kitty cats.

Still staring down at his phone, he said, “My Mom now has the mind of a 7 year old.” It made my heart sink. I really hope my parents are fortunate enough to keep their minds intact once they are old and gray. After replying that I was sorry to hear that, he quickly followed up with, “that’s okay. She never really had the chance to really be a kid.”Growing up in China, his Mom was only a small girl when Chinese Communist revolutionary, Mao Zedong came into power in 1949. My friend went on to explain just how horrible life was there during his reign. It was heartbreaking.

What an amazingly positive way to look at her mental debilitation. “She never had the chance to really be a kid.” This just might be the best lemonade-making outlook I’ve ever heard.

His very pragmatic attitude was not only a joy of my day, but inspires me to look at issues of that magnitude and come up with my own special lemonade concoction.

Make any lemonade out of lemons lately?


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