Joyous Joy 36: Caught in the Act

After catching myself in the act of not practicing what I preach about ignorance, I was pretty disappointed in myself. The good news is that I caught myself immediately, reflected on it and had the chance to apologize on the spot.

This happened a few weeks ago at a Christmas party with my former teammates from Media Training Worldwide. After some heated games of Wii bowling, we settled as a group for a game of Pictionary – girls vs guys.

This is a shot of Susan shooting her very first music video for “Eat Dirt”

Our team rocked, especially with the contributions of Susan Justice. Not only is Susan a stellar person, she is an up and coming singer/songwriter. I remember looking at her and thinking that one day her music will be everywhere and I’ll be able to say, “oh yeah, I know Susan personally. We played charades together and kicked the other team’s butt!” Then it hit me. What if she turns into one of those crazy stars who becomes addicted to partying and loses herself in fame?

I turned to her and asked her to promise me she wouldn’t let that happen – wouldn’t let fame ruin the amazing person she is. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 35: Who Needs New Year’s Resolutions Anyway?

A former boss shared the theory of Kaizen with me – it was by far his best nugget of knowledge.

Unlike most people, I avoid typical New Year’s resolutions. Instead I adopt yearly mantras to help me stay focused on a larger goal. These mantras become all encompassing of much smaller goals I set throughout the year.

I started this whole mantra thing in 2009. Since then I have never once felt the sense of disappointment and failure I used to when I didn’t follow through on resolutions.

  • Instead of beating myself up for not losing those 15 pounds I vowed to shed by bathing suit season, I felt proud of myself for eating better and dragging myself to the gym whenever possible.
  • Instead of feeling like a failure for not saving enough money for a Thailand adventure, I felt proud that I had savings to use in an emergency.

Each year, I write my mantra in bold letters at the top of my dry erase board and look at it each morning before I roll out of bed.

Here are some previous mantras and a few examples of how they enriched my life: Continue reading