Joyous Joy 38: Toasting to the Children!


As some of you may know, I am on the PR committee for the Children of Bellevue Hospital’s Toast to the Children fundraiser this Spring. I am managing the blog and have just written my first post. It is the first post of my “Meet the Committee” series. 

“Getting the Word on the Street: Meet the PR/Media Committee”

I’ll be sharing some of my other posts on here as well. Enjoy!


Joyous Joy 37: How Will You Be Remembered?

I know I want my gravestone to say that I was a great friend, mother and wife.

We all have moments in our lives that turn us in a direction we didn’t expect. Sometimes these moments are quite defining, but usually only in hindsight.

I was recently part of the production staff at the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit. A plethora of very accomplished business women spoke about their journeys and successes in the professional world, and lucky for me – I had a front row seat.

One woman in particular, talked about her most defining career moment. For 20 years, Lynn was a workaholic at Microsoft and had a life-changing revelation about a year ago. Continue reading