Joyous Joy 46: Today’s Three Joyous Joys

Why a map of Indonesia? Read Joyous Joy #3

As you know, my “joyous joys” started as a list of the top 3 best things that happened to me each day. My posts have turned into much more than that, but today my post is true to its roots.

The 3 best things that happened to me today are… Continue reading


Joyous Joys 45: Dream Job Identified

How many people can actually tell you what their dream job is? Not many. Trust me, I ask people all the time. Up until a month ago I was part of that group.

During my job search I’ve continuously been told to be laser focused on the position I want. This is harder than it sounds. Prior to this advice being drilled into my head, I would have cast a wide net and been open to all sorts of opportunities. Instead, I gave it a shot and spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what I wanted to do.

I decided that working at a PR agency in the food & wine, travel and special event sectors would all be wonderful places to land. However, if you asked where I saw myself in 5 years my honest answer would be that I am excited to see where life takes me; what path I will blaze. It’s not that I didn’t think I could be happy and fulfilled in those positions, it’s just that I wasn’t sure if they were the end all be all for me.

Here’s the story of how I finally identified my absolute dream job, and how JOYOUS it was to do so! Continue reading

Joyous Joy 44: Remembering How Lucky We are to be Here Right Now

My good friend Bob just introduced me to a fantastic blog named 1000 Awesome Things. If my blog had a best friend, this would be it.

I’ve been reading it for the last week and consistently impressed with the content, especially the post below.

If you’ve ever taken for granted all the things you’ve been blessed with, this post is for you. It reminds me of my Lemonade Recipe post.

Remembering how lucky we are to be here right now

Over dinner one night my dad started telling me about his first day in Canada.

It was 1968 and he was twenty-three, arriving on a plane with eight dollars in his pocket to start a new life by himself in a country he had never visited.

“A community group had a welcome dinner for new immigrants,” he started excitedly “And they had a big table of food!”

I was unimpressed. Continue reading

Joyous Joy 43: Gifts That Hit a Home Run

Ever give a gift that is a complete home run? My Mom does that…a lot.

After lugging my bags up to my bedroom in my parent’s house this past Christmas, I found a beautifully wrapped present waiting for me on my bed.

Once settled, I brought the gift downstairs to open it with my parents. I figured it was extra special since it seemed to be patiently waiting for my arrival (and not under the tree). Standing together I opened the gift and my eyes filled with tears. It was the most perfect framed quote for this time in my life.

“She wasn’t were she had been, she wasn’t where she was going…
but she was on her way”

Although tearful, it was such a joyful moment because it showed me that my Mom understands exactly where I am in life. And who doesn’t want their Mom to understand what they are going through?

This career transition has been unbelievably exciting and utterly terrifying at the same time, and I take a lot of comfort in knowing that she understands.

I look at it everyday. I sure am on my way…

Joyous Joy 42: Who’s Your Biggest Fan?

This is my very favorite photo of Papa Forster and me, his “Porkchop.” Fabulous nickname, right? I actually love it!

There are plenty of people who cheerlead me through life. I am grateful for each and every one of them, but when it comes down to it, there is one fan I couldn’t live without. This person is by far my biggest fan – he is my Dad.

He was simply born to be a Dad. He is generous with his love and encouragement. He is a patient teacher, a voice of reason and tells me how proud he is of me almost every time we talk.

When the sky seems to be falling, he knows how to calm me down and put things into perspective. When I am elated about something, he truly shares my joy. Continue reading

Joyous Joy 41: Happy Birthday to The Queens Kickshaw! (and thanks for making the best grilled cheese on the planet)

As some of you know, I am the quintessential social butterfly and love planning and attending events. Nothing brings out the best in me like throwing an amazing party, meeting new people and of course spending time with friends. I recently went to the 1st Birthday Party of The Queens Kickshaw, a fabulous restaurant/bar in my neighborhood.

The rustic meets hip bar area of The Queens Kickshaw – Photo by John Tyson

This place is a labor of love for husband and wife team Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim. They have been living in Astoria for over 4 years, and wanted to create a place and community that reflected their love for the neighborhood, and their passions for good food and drink. Continue reading