Joyous Joy 46: Today’s Three Joyous Joys

Why a map of Indonesia? Read Joyous Joy #3

As you know, my “joyous joys” started as a list of the top 3 best things that happened to me each day. My posts have turned into much more than that, but today my post is true to its roots.

The 3 best things that happened to me today are…

  1. My good friend Kristin commented on my Facebook page about my last post. This is one of the first things I read today, and it REALLY set the tone for a wonderful day:“I love having fantastic, positive, interesting people in my life and you are definitely one of those people! So happy to have you as a friend and neighbor and I get to hear about your progress through this fabulous adventure! You amaze and inspire me : )”This might be my top joy of the week – thanks Kristin! I love you!
  2. The Gods of transportation LOVED me today! My first train unexpectedly ran express, cutting about 10 minutes off my commute, and two other trains literally pulled up as I was walking down the platform stairs. As usual, I tilt my head up and said thank you. This joy might have merely been my good transportation karma paying off.
  3. My blog was read by people today in Zimbabwe AND Indonesia! How exciting is that?! I hope they read this post so they’ll know they became my joyous joys!

I hope you all had a wonderful day too! Any joys to share?


7 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 46: Today’s Three Joyous Joys

  1. We need to get back to our daily emails of the three things we are grateful for. 1. Random encounters that change your life. 2. A fabulous day off. 3. I’m starting to understand soccer better and really enjoying it.

  2. Yes we do!

    1. That we had a chance for a quick catch up tonight. 2. That I was able to get home early enough to make time to get some laundry done! 3. I am grateful for the gratitude journal you gave me. It sits on my nightstand, and even if I am not writing in it, I still think about my gratitudes each night. xo

  3. UPDATE! Here is a list of all of the non-US countries where people have read my blog – Italy, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, India & Japan!

    How exciting is this?!

  4. Greeeeeeeat job! You touch so many people and make them smile. You take after me and I’m proud of you – dad

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