Joyous Joy 49: Unconventional Unconditional Love

When the word unconditional is mentioned, we usually think of the love between life partners or between parents and their children. I guess some people might also say the love between pets and their owners.

Do you know anyone who has complete, unwavering unconditional love for all animals? I do – and that would be the love for these furry creatures that constantly pours from my dear friend Kristin’s heart.

Looking comfy and happy with a belly full of hay and carrots.

Kristin and her husband Tom have a light-weight zoo in their tiny NYC apartment. They have a kitty named Vaca, a chinchilla named Sullivan and had a rabbit named Miles (who was renamed Miley after she died and they learned she was a SHE!). They have also been taking care of a neighborhood stray cat for the last few years – and if you pet sit for them, you better believe that you’re expected to go out (even in a blizzard) to feed Alpha.

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Joyous Joy 48: Necessary Nudges

Wow it has been awhile….

Writing a post has been on my to-do list for what seems like forever. It has just been that item that keeps getting deprioritized day after day.

Well today is finally the day that I am crossing it off of my list! This is due partly to a little nudge I received this morning.

I woke up today to a text from my dear friend Kristin Saunders that simply said, “When is the next joyous joy post? I’ve been missing them!”

How wonderful is it that someone is missing them? That someone looks forward to them? This was a fantastic start to my day and I got a big “Woo Hoo!” when I promised to post today.

I hope more of you feel that way – it is such a joy to BRING OTHERS JOY!