Joyous Joy 48: Necessary Nudges

Wow it has been awhile….

Writing a post has been on my to-do list for what seems like forever. It has just been that item that keeps getting deprioritized day after day.

Well today is finally the day that I am crossing it off of my list! This is due partly to a little nudge I received this morning.

I woke up today to a text from my dear friend Kristin Saunders that simply said, “When is the next joyous joy post? I’ve been missing them!”

How wonderful is it that someone is missing them? That someone looks forward to them? This was a fantastic start to my day and I got a big “Woo Hoo!” when I promised to post today.

I hope more of you feel that way – it is such a joy to BRING OTHERS JOY!


5 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 48: Necessary Nudges

  1. well, you paid that “good start to the day” forward b/c I just woke up to this and it put a smile on my face…thanks! : )

  2. Hey, I know this feeling only too well…I love the self-expression outlet of blogging, and the fun of connecting with other people through comments I give and comments I receive…but often I’m behind. But not to worry, I see this referenced a lot. So I think we’re not the only two sometimes slower than we hoped getting out a post! Thanks for sharing! Good to see your smiling words! ~ Sheila

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