Joyous Joy 49: Unconventional Unconditional Love

When the word unconditional is mentioned, we usually think of the love between life partners or between parents and their children. I guess some people might also say the love between pets and their owners.

Do you know anyone who has complete, unwavering unconditional love for all animals? I do – and that would be the love for these furry creatures that constantly pours from my dear friend Kristin’s heart.

Looking comfy and happy with a belly full of hay and carrots.

Kristin and her husband Tom have a light-weight zoo in their tiny NYC apartment. They have a kitty named Vaca, a chinchilla named Sullivan and had a rabbit named Miles (who was renamed Miley after she died and they learned she was a SHE!). They have also been taking care of a neighborhood stray cat for the last few years – and if you pet sit for them, you better believe that you’re expected to go out (even in a blizzard) to feed Alpha.

So the other day when Kristin came barreling out of our building frantically talking about a “guinea pig emergency” I somehow wasn’t surprised. Rushing to her car, she said she’d explain when she got back from the pet store. I knew this would be a good story…

Apparently Kristin came across two homeless men who were “pimping out” a one-month-old guinea pig on the side of the street. Not only did they give her the unfortunate name Arnold (even though it’s a girl!), they were using her to play on the sympathies of strangers for money.

Straight out of the bath & squeaky clean!

Kristin paid the men $40 and took her straight to the vet. She wasn’t in the best shape, but after a much needed bath and some real food, Kristin nursed her back to health.

She is sooo cute – I am thinking about adopting her. If I do, I am going to name her Pork Chop in honor of my Grandma. She was famous for making them along with her dumplings. Dumpling would be a great name too, but c’mon – what guinea pig wouldn’t want to be named Pork Chop?

Kristin’s unconditional love for all animals brings me so much joy.

Can you think of any other unconventional unconditional loves?


3 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 49: Unconventional Unconditional Love

  1. Sweet! I love your choices of names! Yes, pets are easy to love. I could never be really upset with our dogs, even when they did something naughty! And puppies! Don’t get me started! ~ Sheila

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