Joyous Joys 53: Dancing in the Sunlight

This week was full of so many wonderful moments that it was quite a challenge to decide which one to blog about.

From a day full of randomly wonderful songs getting stuck in my head like Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World….

To meeting nearly 100 ambitious entrepreneurs on Wednesday at my orientation for the 16-week WIBO Business Planning Workshop I am starting later this month…To attending an amazing talk, organized by Slow Food NYC about the food movement by author Wenonah Hauter writer of Foodopoly– The Battle Over the Future of Food & Farming in America (even got my book signed!).

Kate & Dina

Dina and me at her WIBO graduation!

But the absolute BEST part of my week was this afternoon as I watched my eyes light up with glee as I skipped and twirled through a mirrored dance studio with my dear friend and teacher, Miss Dina Comolli. Even though our weekly Nia class was cancelled because of the blizzard, we went there anyways and danced to our hearts’ content.

After stretching out on the smooth wooden floor at the end of our workout, I laid down, closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful song Dina chose to end with.  When I opened my eyes I looked through the sun-drenched room…that’s when I was positive that it was the very best part of my week and thanked Dina for making it possible.

Thanks again, wonderful friend. You’re so good to me and I love you.

What was the best part of your week?


7 thoughts on “Joyous Joys 53: Dancing in the Sunlight

  1. This week was great. I’m settling into my new job and so far my clients seem to enjoy working with me. Aside from work, one of the best things about this week was being able to “walkie talkie” with my kiddos in Mexico. Thank you, app makers for such a great smartphone app! Now I can talk with my kids all the time. 🙂 This week was definitely a good one.

  2. Kate, you are such a joyous joy to dance, laugh and share with. I am really touched by this and, of course, your friendship. Cheers to 2013 getting better and better!

  3. What a wonderful week! Love the song…one of those that stops me in my tracks and brings a big smile to my face when I hear it…and your description of your dancing. Looking forward to your posts about your business planning workshop. I’m a budding / hopeful entrepreneur too…always looking for ideas! Happy Monday! ~ Sheila

  4. Congratulations on starting WIBO, Kate! I’m so glad I got to meet you at graduation and that we share a friend in the fabulous Ms. Dina. Until next time! Joanna

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