Joyous Joy 54: Simplicity is Complexity Resolved

I would love to see where this path of stones lead.

I would love to see where this path of smooth black stones would lead me.

While crossing the street during an art gallery tour last summer, I saw this quote scribbled on a piece of paper and duct taped to a pole. My next five steps were hesitant. I looked ahead at my tour group and knew I should stay with them, but I really wanted another look. I, of course, went back.

I vividly remember staring at the words and feeling the neurons fire in my brain. What an interesting challenge? To approach complex situations with the determination to simplify it. It is almost like making lemonade from lemons.

“Simplicity is Complexity Resolved” This New Year, my mantra is to “Work Smarter Not Harder,” and I must say this quote really compliments my 2013 goal.

A couple years ago I experienced one of the most frustrating tasks of my life. For whatever reason, iTunes multiplied all of my music – sometimes creating up to 8 versions of one song!

Not only was it multiplied on in iTunes, but on my computer AND iPod as well. I went from having 4,000 songs to 16,000. It took me a solid year to delete the extra files. I literally celebrated with champagne when I finished.

Then….it happened again. I literally cried over my scrambled eggs that morning as I told my friend about it. I just couldn’t go through that again. I decided to delete all of the music off my computer and table the task until I had enough time (and restored patience) to deal with it.

Flash forward 2 years and my life-saving friend, Bob offered to help me delete all the files that were still saved on my external hard drive. Instead of relieved, I have been feeling extremely guilty. How could I put anyone else through that?

How could I make this easier?

I decided to choose my 30 favorite artists and delete the rest. Sure, I might need to spend time finding new music, but that’s what Spotify is for, right? And it would be MUCH more enjoyable to build my collection back up instead of tearing it down.

What are the complex situations in your life? How can you simplify them?

Trust me – it will be a joyful discovery!


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