Joyous Joy 56: Karma’s Latest Payoff

This is the radiant smile she was referring to - I love this pic!

This is the radiant smile she was referring to – I love this pic!

A couple weeks ago I received a message via LinkedIn from a woman I couldn’t place. She said that she wanted to continue our conversation about how we could help each other professionally. My mind was blank. Who was this woman?

She didn’t look familiar and her impressive professional background didn’t ring a bell. I tried and tried to remember where we met and I was stumped. I chalked it up to the backfiring of my excessive networking.

I scheduled a coffee date with her early last week and prayed that I’d remember who she was before then.

As I approached her, she extended her hand and with a warm smile said, “Kate?” I nodded. She said, “It’s great to meet you!”

Huh? So I had never met her? Okay…I thought. At least I am not completely losing my mind.

As we sat down, she began telling me how impressed she was with my dynamic background and she too had done quite a bit of reinventing of herself over the years.

She wanted to know my story. About half way through it I paused and said, “I have a confession…I can’t remember how we know each other. Will you please refresh my memory?”

She explained that she was having a rough day with the looming death of her father and stumbled upon my LinkedIn profile. She said my radiant smile brightened her day and after reading over my background she just knew that she had to meet me.

Wow. How amazing is it to bring joy to a stranger’s day so unintentionally?

She started digging deeper with her questions about my career aspirations. I explained that I am in the process of starting a business which will combine event planning, social media strategy and public relations. We sat and brainstormed potential clients and projects. At one point I stopped, cocked my head to the side and asked inquisitively, “why are you helping me? You don’t even know me?” She answered that her life is so abundant that she likes to give back – It was about karma.

The plethora of advice she gave me was brilliant and thought provoking. I couldn’t have been more grateful. While I sat there typing notes on my iPad I noticed her staring down at her phone. She said, “Please don’t think I am being rude, but my father is going to die today or tomorrow.”

My eyes widened in disbelief. “Why are you here?! You could have cancelled. I definitely would have understood!

She looked at me calmly and said, “He would want me to be here.” Then looking down she held onto a gentle smile.

I could tell she was at peace with the situation, which brought me joy. I hope one day I find myself that truly at peace when faced with the loss of my parents.

This entire experience felt like a gift from the universe. Thank you, universe!

What’s the last gift the universe gave you?


8 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 56: Karma’s Latest Payoff

  1. What a lovely experience! Isn’t it refreshing to have that kind of exchange? I hope your meeting will benefit you both! Sometimes things are just meant to be, right? And I agree…great smile, love the photo! ~ Sheila

  2. Oh..didn’t answer the question! My last gift was connecting with a designer who is working on a logo for me. We haven’t met in person, but she seems like just the right fit for me, and her work is very much to my taste. Here’s a link to her site…no kickback to me for advertising, but just thought I would pass along a lovely resource!
    ~ Sheila

  3. Stephy! Thanks!

    Sheila – thanks for sharing you latest gift! And I checked out that site – beautiful work! If I didn’t already have a designer for my new business logo I would totally check them out.

    xo k

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