Joyous Joy 59: Intentional Appreciation

This little flower is a beautiful mascot for the season

This little flower is a beautiful mascot for the season

I am finally a huge fan of Spring. Literally — as of Sunday.

Overall I am a very patient person. I can however be a little ridiculously impatient when waiting for things like subway trains to arrive. Truth be told – I have shared those same impatient feelings with Spring.

It’s like, “C’mon already! All I really want is SUMMER to be here! The only thing I like about you Spring is my birthday!”

I am simply far too happy in the sun to be bothered with the rest of the seasons. Winter is frigid, slippery and often yucky. Every year I attempt to ban myself from my constant complaining about how cold it is outside (I have unfortunately never succeeded with this endeavor).

Then yesterday while walking with my wonderful friend, Dina, I became trapped in her appreciation of Spring….and I actually truly enjoyed it. We walk down her street and intentionally noticed all of the buds on trees and bushes and tiny flowers who bravely broke through the thawed ground to bring us such hope and pleasure.

Maybe I just need to be more intentional with my appreciation of the season? I wonder what other areas of my life would be improved with a little extra intentional appreciation.

What have you intentionally appreciated lately?


3 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 59: Intentional Appreciation

  1. I love your emphasis on being intentional. That has become more important to me…being active in what I notice, marking the moment, and really being present….all pieces of being intentional. ~ Sheila

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