Joyous Joy 60: How Often is Too Often to Spread Joy?

Beautiful tulips on my kitchen table. They have been bringing me joy for days.

Beautiful tulips on my kitchen table. They have been bringing me joy for days.

Although blogging is such a joyful experience for me, it can also be stressful.

All the books I read on blogging, say to post at least twice a week and preferably everyday. I know there are a lot of successful blogs out there that follow this rule, but I have no desire to do this.

Here is why:

• I don’t want you guys to be overwhelmed by my posts. The easiest way to achieve my unsubscription to your mailing list is to bombard me with emails. I just end up glazing over and stop reading them.
• I don’t just come up with a post so I can get a star on my handy chart. It is important for me to be inspired by an experience

I want this blog to fulfill its purpose – to bring you (and me) joy!

How often would you HONESTLY like to hear from me per week?

Maybe I need to not be so picky about my topics and tell you about other things that bring me joy like an amazing grilled cheese or a new pair of shoes (ALWAYS a joy).


4 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 60: How Often is Too Often to Spread Joy?

  1. I understand this completely! I’ve struggled with this myself, and I think most people who venture into the blogging world ask this question. Like you, I want to post something when I feel I have something to say, not to meet an arbitrary and self-imposed schedule. After all, no one is paying me to post, and I’m quite sure no one is holding their breath until my next post goes out! Sometimes I am very regular with my writing, but often when I travel, days or even weeks go by without posting anything. I understand the need to be a regular presence to maintain readership. However, I also think that whatever is right for you is right. This is an individual thing, no right or wrong choice.
    That being said, the simple and day-to-day joys are wonderful Grilled cheese, new shoes (!) and tulips are all right at the top for me! ~ Sheila

  2. Since there is no set rule about how often to post to a blog that applies to everyone, determining what you intend to accomplish with your blog is essential. You’ve already stated that you want to share the joys in life. Perhaps you’ll discover other reasons for writing along the way and optimal frequency for this particular blog will fall into place. SEM doesn’t have to be part of your plan although it’s a powerful resource that I use to help my clients promote their businesses. Looking forward to seeing how “Joy” evolves. What’s the significance of “60”? Did I miss that?

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