Joyous Joy 64: I don’t know what it is, but IT IS (and that is all that matters)

Jab! Cross! Hook! Upper Cut!

Here are two of the best fitness influences in my life! Helen (my teacher) and Lois (my trainer). Love you both!

Here are two of the best fitness influences in my life! Helen (my teacher) and Lois (my trainer). Love you both!

That’s the 4-punch combo I have been working on in kickboxing class these last couple months. I wish I could say that I’ve mastered it, but I just can’t keep it straight when I have to keep up with the energetic tempo of the music.

About a month ago I twisted my knee in class and wasn’t able to work out for a couple weeks. It was not only frustrating, but painful too (especially living in a city where a ton of walking and stairs are non-negotiable parts of your day).

I returned to class a couple weeks ago with a brace and the determination to not overextend my knee. My instructor, Helen, gave me a lot of advice on keeping proper form and knowing which moves to back off of.

I tried, I really did, but after 3 classes resulting in at least mild discomfort I decided to re-examine my commitment to this class. Why in the world was I pushing myself to go to this particular class if I just kept hurting myself?

The answer: because I am absolutely in LOVE Helen! She is a consistent source of joy in my life.

She was born to be many things, I am sure, but a fitness instructor is definitely high on the list. She is full of energy and has been consistently kicking my butt for years (in a variety of different classes).

The bottom line is that Helen’s enthusiasm for fitness truly makes me a happier person because she brings out the best in me as a gym-goer. She helps me be the amazingly committed, die-hard student I dream of being who wants nothing more than to be healthy and strong.

But as much as I love working out with her, this is simply not a healthy situation for my body. I don’t really understand WHY my knee is reacting this way, but the bottom line is that IT IS – and that is reason enough for me to retire this class in my fitness repertoire.

Are there any commitments that aren’t bringing out the best in you physically, mentally or emotionally? Perhaps you should re-examine why you do these things (and if you still should)?


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