Joyous Joy 66: FABULOUS Event Publicity = SUPER Joyous Kate

Hi Everyone!

Most of you know that Miss Meredith Adams, owner of Nom and the City Food Tours, and I have teamed up to produce a very special event this weekend called – Culture Crawl: Food, Fluids & Friends.

Our dear friend Meg Kelly, author of the blog “The Compost Cook” wrote about it today and her post is even better than the write-ups we received on more “official” websites like DNA Info and The Brownstoner.

Great job, Meg! YOU are the JOYOUS JOY of my day!

Here is the post –  I know my followers will all agree that this is AWESOME! 

And get your tickets now if you’d like to come to the event!

Hope you like this week's instalment.

This Friday I have the pleasure of featuring a New York company that I have been meaning to share for ages… They rule! So, what’s this week’s wonderful company? NOM AND THE CITY; here’s how it’s best explained (from their site)

Nom Your Way Around the World!

Nom and the City tasting tours are a fun, fresh way to explore a world of food without leaving New York City.  Our tours focus on the ethnic food and history of neighborhoods in every borough of NYC, and offer an authentic New York experience for anyone who wants to get off the beaten path.


Awesome, yes? Yes. Below you will find out more about the Nom crew and their trade secrets!


THE CC: Favourite comfort food?

NOM AND THE CITY: TX-style barbecue, it’s the food of my people! 

THE CC: Pantry/kitchen staples?

NOM AND THE CITY: I’m a huge advocate of making large meals and freezing parts of them for busy days when there’s no time to cook. Every few months I make a huge pot of Marinara sauce and meatballs and freeze at least half! It’s like christmas to find stuff like that put away on busy days. 

THE CC: Eating in the city trade secret?

NOM AND THE CITY:Make friends with the bartenders–you’ll get hooked up with some delicious drinks and snacks! 

THE CC: Motivation for starting Nom and the City?

NOM AND THE CITY:It all began about five years ago, when i took the bus into the city to visit a friend–I didnt know my way around well enough to find her place on my own, so i took a seat in the lobby of the hotel Pennsylvania until she could meet me, and I was watching all of these tourists coming back to their rooms with bags of food from McDonalds and sbarro, and i thought what a shame. I realized these people just didnt know where to go, and there might be a niche for someone who could show them the best that the city has to offer as far as food. 

THE CC: Favourite part of Nom and the City tours?

NOM AND THE CITY:I love it when i get to introduce people to a completely new neighborhood, restaurant, or cuisine that they probably wouldn’t have found without taking my tour. I introduced a friend of mine to Balkan food, and she didn’t even know where that was on the map! 

THE CC:Number 1 reason your tours are NOT to be miss?

NOM AND THE CITY:With a Nom and the City food tour, you can travel the world within the city and eat exotic food you’d have to cross oceans to taste otherwise! 

See you there?

See you there?

…There you have it! Love it? Thought so. Above is the invite to this Sunday’s event...a few tickets left, so all of you NYC folks, GO!


Have you been on a food tour? Where? What did you eat? What tour on Nom and the City’s website would you like to attend?

Happy Friday!
the cc


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