Joyous Joy 69: Cherry Picking (the Best Way Possible)

There are quite a few “bad” ones on the plate, but the “good” ones in the bowl are getting a rejuvenating bath!

This bowl, once filled to the brim with luscious berries,  accompanied me and a few friends to watch fireworks.

Walking back from the festivities, I smiled inside thinking about what I could make with the remaining juicy cherries – Fresh juice?! Cobbler?! So many ideas raced through my mind! The next week my endless to-do list consumed me. Guess what? I never got around to doing anything with the cherries and most of them had gone bad.

With a pouty lip, I shrugged, forgave myself and then started picking through the bowl to rescue the good ones.

My roomie smiled at me from across the room & playfully asked, “What in the world are you doing?” She clearly thought picking through them was just another one of my neurosis (which may be partially true).

I smiled and explained my intention. I believe that food’s entire purpose in life is to be eaten – to nourish people. I believe it should all have the full opportunity to fulfill its mission, and we need to respect it.

Think about the entire process that brought these cherries to my lips.

  • Someone planted seeds and nurtured the tree

  • Someone harvested the juicy little devils

  • Someone packed & shipped them

  • These determined cherries made an arduous trek to my neighborhood market

  • Someone stocked the cooler…and these hopeful berries patiently waited to meet me, their consumer

What a shame it would be, if after all that, they were simply thrown in the trash because I was too busy to make anything with them!

I firmly believe that we should have a great respect for our food (and all of the people that were part of its journey).

I’ve always felt this way and just recently realized my motivation. I had always thought I was just strangely assigning feelings to inanimate objects!

This is a joyful understanding! Now I don’t feel so weird!

Please consider this outlook as well. It will make you buy less, use it all, and then when it’s time for more they will be fresh, juicy, beautiful little devils!


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