Joyous Joy 70: Quite the Fantastic Voyage (however, not with Coolio)

I’ve always known I’d write a book. In fact I knew it from the day I read my 4th grade masterpiece, “Peaches” to my class. It was a riveting story of a fuzzy, little bunny I gave to my music teacher, Miss Sazdanoff (the rave reviews poured in).

Back then social media and blogging weren’t even a twinkle in my big brown eyes. Little did I know that 23 years later, I would be sharing the story of my beautiful professional journey through social media instead of through ink and paper.

Thanks to my friend, Lucky Johnston for designing this incredible logo!

Thanks to my friend, Lucky Johnston for designing this incredible logo!

Some of you  know that I recently launched a Social Media Strategy & Event Planning company named Red Currant Media! The entire process of building a business has been intense & incredible. I am as gung-ho as ever, but I must admit I had a few doubts along the way. It’s not that I ever doubted my ability to rock the business world, I had just never thought starting a business was part of “my plan”.

These thoughts always seemed to enter my mind during intense moments like determining pricing strategy and brainstorming my company editorial calendar. I would stop and say to myself, “what in the world am I doing? I never planned to start a business! This is crazy!”

Then one of my favorite quotes popped into my head, “Everything you have ever done in your entire life, was to prepare you for this very moment – right now!”

This got me thinking about how my professional experiences prepared me for starting my business. From 9 years of working in theme parks, to organizing Charity Motorcycle Rides and even 4 intriguing years spent drinking champagne and spewing crazy words like Venus Thromboembolism Thrombosis on conference calls with doctors around the globe, – it all came back to that quote. It all started making sense. It was true!

Every single job I have ever had, helped prepare me to launch Red Currant Media!

After hours of brainstorming the lessons I learned along the way and determining the biggest influencers in my life, I built a 90-day content calendar which will chronicle this journey through my Red Currant Facebook Page. I’d love for you to follow this story about my fantastic voyage. Just Like my Facebook Page and stay tuned for regular updates.

There are even neato contests along the way! What a JOYOUS experience this has been and will continue to be!

I hope you choose to follow my story and it also helps you think more deeply about your own.


3 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 70: Quite the Fantastic Voyage (however, not with Coolio)

  1. Kate, congratulations and best of luck! I’m sure all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm will make your business a rewarding adventure for you.

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