Joyous Joy 73: Snuggle Season

It's like sleeping in the fluffiest cloud ever! Once it's cold though, getting out of bed will be a serious problem!

It’s like sleeping in the fluffiest cloud ever! Once it’s cold though, getting out of bed will be a serious problem!

All is right in the world now that my down comforter and I have reunited. There is simply nothing more comforting than the feeling of sleeping in a fluffy cloud of blankies. In the past week I’ve had the most amazing sleep I’ve had in months.

All summer I have slept terribly. Not only has my “bedmate” been the AC unit in my window, but my blanket was just plain lame. These “issues” left me chronically exhausted. Even after 9-10 hours of sleep each night!

So much so that I recently went back to working with my nutritionist, Dr Charles Passler, to see if there were deeper reasons for it like nutrient deficiencies.

I am so pumped to be working with him again on all sorts of issues and now extra joyous that my sleep issues can come down from the top of the list now that the blanket remedy is working!

Now it’s time to focus on fitting back into my clothes! For any of you who remember the last time I worked with Dr Passler, I gave up dairy, gluten and soy for months! Here’s hoping that this isn’t how it unfolds. Those restrictions nearly killed this food-lovin’ joy expert!

What are the contributing factors to your great nights of sleep? I would love and appreciate any tips!


2 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 73: Snuggle Season

  1. I completely agree…best sleep is with a wonderful fluffy comforter. High thread count sheets are a great addition! Happy to hear you’re enjoying your nights with this little joy! Regarding diet…oh, I couldn’t do it! I manage weight issues with portion control and being more disciplined about food choices during the week, splurging a bit on the weekends. But I don’t think I could face a diet without dairy and gluten. Good luck, thought, whatever you choose! ~ Sheila

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