Random Joy: Non-burning Bush

This bush stopped me in my tracks yesterday. How lucky am I to walk past it each day?

This bush stopped me in my tracks yesterday. How lucky am I to walk past it each day?

Autumn and I have a precarious relationship. Every year I make the same statements (in this order).

1. “You like Fall? I don’t! All it means is that Winter is around the corner! And I HATE the cold! Why do I still live on the East coast?!”

2. “Okay, okay, if I go into Fall with this negative of an attitude, it’ll ruin this season that others seem to love so much. I am going to focus on the positive!”

3. “Look how beautiful these Fall colors are! Maybe it isn’t such a horrible season after all”

4. “Ugh! It’s getting colder – BOOOOO!”

5. “The best thing about cold weather is that I can do more cooking (since my NYC apartment literally turns into a sauna when the oven is on in the summer”

6. “Okay,” I reflect. “Get over yourself. There is no way you can control the weather. Just enjoy the endless supply of roasted vegetables and snuggling with your blankies.”

Any advice you can give to help me further appreciate Fall would be MUCH appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Random Joy: Non-burning Bush

  1. It’s so colorful!!! I feel the same way sometimes, though. Just have to embrace it and accept the cold 🙂 Miss you. We need to catch up.

    • Mich! Why yes, yes we DO need to catch up! I’ve been thinking of you non-stop! So curious how everything is turning out. And my “news” is old “news” now LOL. Isn’t that how it always seems to go for me?

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  2. I absolutely love the Fall. The colors, the apples, the cool comfortable temperatures, the smell of the leaves, pumpkins ,the harvest! I wish it lasted all year!

  3. Well…I agree with you about the cold. But I accept it since it brings so many nice things…colors, and fall fruit and vegetables, holidays and traditions! Love it all, from Halloween to Thanksgiving. And somehow I think you’ll come around to loving it too! ~ Sheila

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