Joyous Joy 74: “Go Ahead…Order the Lobster”

Meet Lobby the Lobster.

Meet Lobby the Lobster.

I love succeeding at everything I do – and my great friend Sharla this morning proved that I have yet again!

Here is a comment she left on my Facebook wall that made me “awwwwww” out loud.

Facebook Conversation with Sharla SchryerI am a huge believer in the power of branding. I think it is fascinating that companies can shape the world’s perception of themselves – and it isn’t just about logos and marketing materials, it is more about what they stand for and how they live it!

This brings me to my absolute favorite type of branding – personal! When I decided to start my company, Red Currant Media, I made a commitment to be unapologetically me. In my last job I was criticized for high-fiving people and using words like awesome. All that did was stifle me and welcome sadness.

Now every part of my company screams “Kate!” My personality and values shine through everything – and I am SO EXCITED that one of my favorite people in the world dug through my website and found “me” everywhere.

Success! Now that is an AMAZING joy to start my day with!


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