Joyous Joy 76: A Simple Text Message was all I Needed

Today I have been feeling a little “off” and I really dislike days like these.

As you know, my company Launch Party is tomorrow and getting ready for it has been a bit taxing on me. I still stand by my brilliant decision of hand delivering invitations to my top 45 prospective clients, but my ankles and knees don’t agree. When I yawned through all of yesterday I knew it was time for a personal intervention. Therefore, I popped an Ambien last night and rejuvenated myself with 10 solid hours of sleep – it was glorious!

However, I have still been feeling a little “lost” today. Then I received a beautiful text from my AMAZING cousin, Christine Walters. It made my heart flutter and a loving smile emerge.

“Hi cuz! I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. I love that you are so independent, caring and overall just a great person! I know we all went through some hard times as kids, but you didn’t let that stop you. You overcame it and kicked its ass! I love you and am proud to call you family”

Photo of my cousin Chrissy

Just as beautiful as she’s always been!

Thank you so much, Chrissy! I love, love, love you too! Thanks for being you. I have always loved you and always will. I miss our sleepovers at Grandma’s – you were such an important part of those memories.

xoxo Katie


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