Joyous Joy 78: I am Winning and Uphill Battle

Scale with fruit and measuring tape

It’s nice to be excited about getting on the scale for a change!

Everyone goes through it, so I know this isn’t that special of a post, but hotdog! I am excited!

For about the past 3 months I’ve been wearing the same pair of jeans (the only pair that fit!) and a limited selection of yoga pants. I have been refusing to buy new pants since I’ve “packed on a few pounds.”

When I saw the leaves were about to start changing I decided that my window of weight loss opportunity was beginning to close. I decided I had enough about a month ago and  spring into action!

I knew exactly how to get started. I saw my stellar nutritionist, Dr. Passler, and immediately began a detox. Now I am focused on a low-carb diet until I get back into all of my pants (in 3 of 10 pairs of jeans!).

My entire body is feeling better! If you live in NYC, I highly recommend working with Dr Passler. That man’s a miracle worker!

Just wanted to celebrate this joy with you all! Eight pounds down and 12 more to go!

What’s your joy of the day?


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