Joyous Joy 80: Amazing Compliments Bring Me JOY!

Back in July at the NYC Summer Fancy Food Show I met a fabulous woman named Angela Neale who owns a new snack bar company named Simply Chopped.

SimplyChopped Labels

Check out their website:!

Her warm personality and clear passion for natural ingredients instantly drew me to her. For anyone out there who has read my business plan and my mission you know that Angela is my ideal customer.

After the food show I did plenty of follow up with prospective clients, but none more than with Angela. Since she was in the process of finding a kitchen all her own, Angela was understandably not in a position to commit to bringing Red Currant Media on board to build their social media presence.

Upon the advice of my brilliant colleague, Rick Diamond, I offered Angela a free month of Twitter services so she could see how we work and the quality and service I deliver to my clients. My team had such a great time promoting a brand that not only shares our values of feeding people REAL food, but also supports many charitable causes like Animal Rescue, Planet Conservation & Humanitarian Medical Support!

At the end of the month I received the most encouraging and beautiful message from Angela. We’ll be adding it to the Red Currant Media website soon!

Hi Kate,

I just wanted to tell you once again how grateful I am for the month’s free service that you offered us!!!

You did an absolutely wonderful job and both my business partner and I are extremely impressed with you and your colleague’s work.

I truly do look forward to working with you in the future, so please be patient and hopefully I will be in touch with you soon.

Keep your fingers crossed as we get our kitchen launched!!



Angela – you have no idea how much joy these words have brought to me! We loved working with you too and it was a pleasure to share your passion and message to the world. We absolutely can’t wait to continue building your fabulous brand!


Simply Chopped cranberry pineapple

How delicious does this cranberry pineapple snack bar look? All natural and all good for you!


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