Joyous Joy 80: Amazing Compliments Bring Me JOY!

Back in July at the NYC Summer Fancy Food Show I met a fabulous woman named Angela Neale who owns a new snack bar company named Simply Chopped.

SimplyChopped Labels

Check out their website:!

Her warm personality and clear passion for natural ingredients instantly drew me to her. For anyone out there who has read my business plan and my mission you know that Angela is my ideal customer.

After the food show I did plenty of follow up with prospective clients, but none more than with Angela. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 74: “Go Ahead…Order the Lobster”

Meet Lobby the Lobster.

Meet Lobby the Lobster.

I love succeeding at everything I do – and my great friend Sharla this morning proved that I have yet again!

Here is a comment she left on my Facebook wall that made me “awwwwww” out loud.

Facebook Conversation with Sharla Schryer Continue reading

Joyous Joy 71: “Happy as a Little Clam”

If I had a quarter for every time I said this while home in Ohio for the past 12 days – I’d have at least 5 more buckaroos in my pocket.

My days were full of fun and productivity as I continued to plow forward on building my new business, Red Currant Media. I even posted pics on my company Facebook Page about some of the neat “office spaces” I created throughout my parents’ home and backyard. Full of lush green trees and chirping birds, it was a welcome change to the sounds of city living.

I do want to assure you that my trip was also filled with all sorts of fun. Here are some pics of the most joyous events!  Continue reading

Random PUPPY Joy!

Cutest little bulldog EVER!

Cutest little bulldog EVER!

So I am typing away at my “desk” at The NYC Bagel & Coffee House when I see this little guy across the room. It was love at first sight! When T-Bone’s mommy turned around she could see the excitement in my eyes!

I asked if I could pet him and she asked me to hold him while she put cream in her coffee. I SERIOUSLY squealed out loud!

Not sure if anything can top this joy today! And it has already been a pretty stellar day!

Have your Joyous Joy yet today?

Joyous Joy 70: Quite the Fantastic Voyage (however, not with Coolio)

I’ve always known I’d write a book. In fact I knew it from the day I read my 4th grade masterpiece, “Peaches” to my class. It was a riveting story of a fuzzy, little bunny I gave to my music teacher, Miss Sazdanoff (the rave reviews poured in).

Back then social media and blogging weren’t even a twinkle in my big brown eyes. Little did I know that 23 years later, I would be sharing the story of my beautiful professional journey through social media instead of through ink and paper.

Thanks to my friend, Lucky Johnston for designing this incredible logo!

Thanks to my friend, Lucky Johnston for designing this incredible logo!

Some of you  know that I recently launched a Social Media Strategy & Event Planning company named Red Currant Media! The entire process of building a business has been intense & incredible. I am as gung-ho as ever, but I must admit I had a few doubts along the way.  Continue reading

Joyous Joy 69: Cherry Picking (the Best Way Possible)

There are quite a few “bad” ones on the plate, but the “good” ones in the bowl are getting a rejuvenating bath!

This bowl, once filled to the brim with luscious berries,  accompanied me and a few friends to watch fireworks.

Walking back from the festivities, I smiled inside thinking about what I could make with the remaining juicy cherries – Fresh juice?! Cobbler?! So many ideas raced through my mind!  Continue reading