Joyous Joy 22: Noticing Rising Stars

A StarDuring my career transition, I’ve hit plenty of highs and lows.

Some days I feel like I’ve got the biggest, badest bull by the horns and am steering him straight in the direction of the greenest pasture I can see. He fights me at first, but once we see the green grass and serene lake in the distance, he’s a happy little camper who remembers how wonderful pastures are and happily moves along.

Other times, I feel a bit lost and defeated. How can I not feel a tad let down when I hear radio silence after submitting my resume for a position I know I would rock out like nobody’s business? Then there are of course opportunities that come my way that are simply mirages. They are alluring and seem like such a good fit, but upon closer examination are not at all suited for me and my goals.

Then there are moments of renewed hope. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 15: Adding Value

Truth be told, starting this blog was simply a way to acclimate myself to the social media world during my career transition. I was very resistant to committing any of the little time I actually have, to writing these posts. Little did I know that it would bring such positive value to my life. Continue reading