Joyous Joy 75: For the Love of Baby Pink Crocs

These last couple weeks have been very busy preparing for my Red Currant Launch Party. Although exciting, it’s been pretty dang stressful.

I recently had a lame Saturday that threw my positiveness for a loop-de-loop. The day included me trekking all over God’s Green Earth (in this case, concrete) for a series of disappointing adventures – all with unsuccessful outcomes. I was exhausted, my back and feet hurt and I was grumpalicious!

"This should cheer you up! I am painting in your favorite shoes!"

“This should cheer you up! I am painting in your favorite shoes!”

Lucky for me I always have support in times like these from my bestest friend in the whole wide galaxy, Miss Talya Moked.

Between calling and texting, I gave her the full play-by-play of bizarre and lame situations. As always, she did her best to help me laugh my way through it. She completely succeeded at this when she sent this pic!

It’s a little tough to see, but here is why I literally burst out hysterically laughing and the entire day’s stress vanished!

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