Joyous Joy 10: Being Stunned and Impressed with a Restaurant

Egyptian dips

Here are various yummy dips from a mezze platter

For my birthday, two of my amazing friends took me to an Egyptian restaurant that I can only describe as stunning. This was by far, hands down, absolutely the coolest restaurant experience I’ve ever had!

Beef kabob and rice

Beef kabobs served with rice is delicious

Kebab Cafe, in Astoria, Queens, is an anomaly. The tiny restaurant is filled with an eclectic mix of photos, paintings and collectibles from Egypt. Among these are posters which celebrate the long awaited freedom the Egyptians recently won!

Intentionally not having a menu, the owner, Ali, begins asking what type of meat you would like (or vegetarian). Then, in his thick Egyptian accent, tells you about all of the dishes he can whip up before your very eyes. I say before your very eyes, because the wide-open kitchen is right next to the total of 5 tables. Continue reading