Joyous Joy 16: The Power of a High-Five

High Five

Next time I see you - I expect a high-five!

I think high-fives are underrated. I am constantly initiating them and I haven’t had one rejection in my 31 years on Earth – albeit a few surprised looks. I give them to celebrate many things. If someone offers me sound advice, they get one. If someone does a great job at something, they may even get two. There are too many ways to count to get a high-five from me. It’s just a great little way to celebrate wonderful gestures and excellent accomplishments.

I am even happier when someone else initiates one. Just yesterday, I was running to catch a train and lept through the air sideways through a closing door. I was ecstatic to make the train  (nothing is worse than the door closing in your face). Upon landing, this couple exclaimed, “That was awesome! Go you!” and then high-fived me!

That really made my day. When’s the last time you gave or received a high-five?