Joyous Joy 79: Making Friends in Everyday Places

"Kate, Thank you for checking us in. You are a fabulous hostess. - Craig"

“Kate, Thank you for checking us in. You are a fabulous hostess. – Craig”

Working this year’s NYC Autumn Wine Festival was fantastic! I met so many amazing people who not only appreciated the delicious wine (275 different ones to be exact), but also some scrumptious food that went far beyond your typical meat and cheese tray.

This is a note I received from my very favorite guest. I met Craig and his friends when I was checking them into a blind wine tasting class. After chatting for awhile they all warmly hugged me and told me that I was their favorite person they met that day. It’s so encouraging to know that you can still meet people in every day situations like waiting in line. That even though we only just met and spoke for a few minutes and will probably never cross paths again, that they were kind enough to write me a note to show their appreciation. And I let them know the feeling was mutual.


Random Joy


Random Joy

View from my office 🙂 reading about financial planning for my new business sitting indian-style and wrapped in a blanket with a purring kitty staring up at me 🙂

Who knew finance could be so joyful?