Joyous Joy 57: Karma’s Latest Payoff (Part 2)

And this beautiful story continues…

If you are just tuning in, please read my last post first unless it won’t make sense.

I sent my friend a link to my last post about her. She immediately called me with a heartfelt thank you and sent the email below the next day.

The lovely and loving, Lisa Krohn.

The lovely and loving, Lisa Krohn.

Dear Kate,

It was a pleasure meeting you the other night. I am deeply touched and flattered by the sentiments expressed in your blog. They were truthful and accurate. My father did pass away the next day and I was blessed to be in bed with him as I was with my mother when she passed away as well. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 56: Karma’s Latest Payoff

This is the radiant smile she was referring to - I love this pic!

This is the radiant smile she was referring to – I love this pic!

A couple weeks ago I received a message via LinkedIn from a woman I couldn’t place. She said that she wanted to continue our conversation about how we could help each other professionally. My mind was blank. Who was this woman?

She didn’t look familiar and her impressive professional background didn’t ring a bell. I tried and tried to remember where we met and I was stumped. I chalked it up to the backfiring of my excessive networking.

I scheduled a coffee date with her early last week and prayed that I’d remember who she was before then. Continue reading