Joyous Joy 71: “Happy as a Little Clam”

If I had a quarter for every time I said this while home in Ohio for the past 12 days – I’d have at least 5 more buckaroos in my pocket.

My days were full of fun and productivity as I continued to plow forward on building my new business, Red Currant Media. I even posted pics on my company Facebook Page about some of the neat “office spaces” I created throughout my parents’ home and backyard. Full of lush green trees and chirping birds, it was a welcome change to the sounds of city living.

I do want to assure you that my trip was also filled with all sorts of fun. Here are some pics of the most joyous events!  Continue reading


Joyous Joy 24: To Each Their Own

I remember taking this photo in SoHo and having an, “oh my God…I really moved here” moment. It was beautiful.

Since moving to NYC, I’ve been frustrated by my family & friends’ perceptions of living in NYC. I’ve also really struggled with my NYC friends and acquaintances judging me for being from Ohio.

From the Ohioans:
· Oh my God, I could NEVER live there!
· How in the world do you deal with that many people? Isn’t it unsafe? Isn’t it dirty?
· You’re not staying there forever, are you?!

From the New Yorkers:
· Oh God, you’re from Ohio? No wonder you moved here, you must have been so bored!
· I can’t imagine living anywhere else than NYC, especially somewhere with nothing to do!
· So I am sure, you’ll never move back to Ohio now that you live in NYC, right? I mean, why would you ever want to leave here?!

I cannot begin to tell you how fired up I get when hearing these things. Continue reading

Joyous Joy 23: Bringing Out the Best

I’ve been planning to write this post for a very long time. The timing never felt right. My usual posts are in response to real-time events. This post is about a theory I developed years ago and has changed me forever. This gem of wisdom provides a rapidly growing seed, that once planted, helps you achieve consistent happiness.

When I moved to NYC 5 years ago, I was miserable.  Really, really miserable. By moving, I had the opportunity to completely change my life and developed a principle to guide me; a golden rule of sorts. Hell, it’s turned into the official Kate Forster mantra.

Repeat after me: “I surround myself with people and situations that bring out the best in me.” Continue reading