Joyous Joy 57: Karma’s Latest Payoff (Part 2)

And this beautiful story continues…

If you are just tuning in, please read my last post first unless it won’t make sense.

I sent my friend a link to my last post about her. She immediately called me with a heartfelt thank you and sent the email below the next day.

The lovely and loving, Lisa Krohn.

The lovely and loving, Lisa Krohn.

Dear Kate,

It was a pleasure meeting you the other night. I am deeply touched and flattered by the sentiments expressed in your blog. They were truthful and accurate. My father did pass away the next day and I was blessed to be in bed with him as I was with my mother when she passed away as well. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 20: Ladies & Gentlemen…It’s Time for the Kind of Comment I’ve Been Waiting For…


And the award goes to….Gerald!

Before my date with The Sandman last night, I gave into my Crackberry addiction and checked my email just one more time. I am so glad I did, because my greatest joy of the day was waiting for me. I received the type of comment I’ve been hoping and waiting for since the birth of this blog.

The comment came from my friend Gerald, who I met this summer while promoting a play at the TKTS line. I remember the first time I asked him what the best part of his day was. His response was like many others’, “Eh, I don’t know…not a whole lot of good things have happened today.” I prodded him with my typical questions like, “Did you get a good night’s sleep?”, “Did you treat yourself to a coffee this morning?”, “Do you have any plans tonight that you’re looking forward to?” I watched him stop and contemplate my questions. I can’t remember what he came up with, but whenever I saw him after that, he had a laundry list of joys waiting for me.

Here is his comment: Continue reading

Joyous Joy 15: Adding Value

Truth be told, starting this blog was simply a way to acclimate myself to the social media world during my career transition. I was very resistant to committing any of the little time I actually have, to writing these posts. Little did I know that it would bring such positive value to my life. Continue reading