Joyous Joy 56: Karma’s Latest Payoff

This is the radiant smile she was referring to - I love this pic!

This is the radiant smile she was referring to – I love this pic!

A couple weeks ago I received a message via LinkedIn from a woman I couldn’t place. She said that she wanted to continue our conversation about how we could help each other professionally. My mind was blank. Who was this woman?

She didn’t look familiar and her impressive professional background didn’t ring a bell. I tried and tried to remember where we met and I was stumped. I chalked it up to the backfiring of my excessive networking.

I scheduled a coffee date with her early last week and prayed that I’d remember who she was before then. Continue reading


Joyous Joy 22: Noticing Rising Stars

A StarDuring my career transition, I’ve hit plenty of highs and lows.

Some days I feel like I’ve got the biggest, badest bull by the horns and am steering him straight in the direction of the greenest pasture I can see. He fights me at first, but once we see the green grass and serene lake in the distance, he’s a happy little camper who remembers how wonderful pastures are and happily moves along.

Other times, I feel a bit lost and defeated. How can I not feel a tad let down when I hear radio silence after submitting my resume for a position I know I would rock out like nobody’s business? Then there are of course opportunities that come my way that are simply mirages. They are alluring and seem like such a good fit, but upon closer examination are not at all suited for me and my goals.

Then there are moments of renewed hope. Continue reading

Joyous Joy 9: What’s been missing in my life? Oh yeah…art!

Creativity is an inherent quality of mine. Working for 9 years at Kaman’s Art Shoppes solidified my love and appreciation of artistic expression and the artists who create it.

Baang and Burne ContemporaryTypical of my life, I randomly met a woman in a bathroom in NYC who owns an art gallery called BAANG + BURNE CONTEMPORARY. Her name is Kesha Bruce and she wonderful. She is full of energy and enthusiasm for the art world. She has asked me to help her and her partner Charlie Grosso with public relations services for this amazing 6-week art show here in NYC called 6×6!

Baang and Burne Contemporary's 6x6 art show

Click here to watch a YouTube video about 6×6

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