Joyous Joy 67: Lovely Quote About Being Yourself

Real Simple magazine just sent me this Daily Thought. I loved it and wanted to share.

Real Simple QuoteThanks, Real Simple for such a lovely quote to start my day! My second joy to waking up (and getting out of bed) before my alarm went off!


Joyous Joy 43: Gifts That Hit a Home Run

Ever give a gift that is a complete home run? My Mom does that…a lot.

After lugging my bags up to my bedroom in my parent’s house this past Christmas, I found a beautifully wrapped present waiting for me on my bed.

Once settled, I brought the gift downstairs to open it with my parents. I figured it was extra special since it seemed to be patiently waiting for my arrival (and not under the tree). Standing together I opened the gift and my eyes filled with tears. It was the most perfect framed quote for this time in my life.

“She wasn’t were she had been, she wasn’t where she was going…
but she was on her way”

Although tearful, it was such a joyful moment because it showed me that my Mom understands exactly where I am in life. And who doesn’t want their Mom to understand what they are going through?

This career transition has been unbelievably exciting and utterly terrifying at the same time, and I take a lot of comfort in knowing that she understands.

I look at it everyday. I sure am on my way…