Joyous Joy 65: My 5 Favorite Things about a Rainy Day

Hundreds of people waited in line with hopes that the rain wouldn't ruin their Googa Mooga fun

Hundreds of people waited in line with hopes that the rain wouldn’t ruin their Googa Mooga fun

Sure, rain can be a huge bummer when it bombards it’s way into our lives at inopportune times. Sometimes it even ruins events, like it recently did for Googa Mooga in Brooklyn a few weeks ago.

But rain doesn’t always have to be a bummer — if you don’t let it be!  Continue reading


Joyous Joy 21: A Closer Look at the Tisk-Tasks

To Do List

Check those items off of your list!

We’ve all been faced with tasks that are less than appealing. Tasks like cleaning out the garage or raking leaves. These types of tasks are looming for legitimate reasons.

Cleaning out the garage will inevitably be a task that involves the need to part with things like that pair of roller blades you haven’t used in 5 years, and worse, be faced with reminders of the laundry list of other projects you’ve never gotten around to. The benefits are of course that you’ll finally know where to find that tool you’ve been looking for and have a more spacious parking spot! Continue reading